The Best Airlines To Fly Into Guatemala


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Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America and has a breathtaking geographic landscape.

The country has a lot to offer with sandy beaches, dramatic mountain, and historic cities filled with Spanish style architecture. In addition to its vibrant history, the people are extremely friendly and it boasts some of the best food in Central America.

It’s not wonder the country has turned into a popular vacation destination, especially for travelers from the United States.

If you are planning a trip to Guatemala we will break down airlines that fly nonstop and the best choice for getting there.

Airports In Guatemala

Guatemala City is primary served by one major international airport that serves flights to destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

AirportTaxi To CenterEst Taxi Price
La Aurora International Airport (GUA)18 min$7 – $10

The airport is located very close to the city center and will only take less than $20 min to arrive by taxi. Taxi prices in Guatemala city are also very reasonable with the average fare being under $10.

Airlines Flying To Guatemala

While Guatemala does not have a national airline there are many that offer non stop service to US cities, primarily on the East coast.

JetblueNew York City
Avianca AirlinesNew York City
Avianca AirlinesWashington DC
United AirlinesWashington DC
United AirlinesChicago
Delta AirlinesAtlanta
Frontier AirlinesAtlanta
Frontier AirlinesMiami
Spirit AirlinesMiami
American AirlinesMiami
Spirit AirlinesOrlando
Spirit AirlinesHouston
American AirlinesDallas
United AirlinesLos Angeles
Avianca AirlinesLos Angeles
Alaska AirlinesLos Angeles

In addition to major legacy carriers, low cost carriers like Frontier and Spirit also offer service making airfare very affordable. If you are not located in one of these cities you will need a connecting flight or can go via Mexico City.

Airfare to Guatemala

Ticket prices to Guatemala City can vary depending on season but you can expect to pay between $50 – $200 roundtrip in the off season and $150 – $400 during peak season. We like using Skyscanner to find the best deal and their compare page makes it easy.

Here is a breakdown of average round trip prices by month.

Skyscanner Guatemala Flights by Month

There is also a tool that can run a compare of various cities if you have set dates or months in mind. All you need to do is enter a timeframe for departure and Skyscanner does the rest.

Skyscanner Cheapest Flights to Guatemala

You can find all Skyscanner tools on this page here and utilize this info to find the best flight deal.

Best First Class

Currently there is only one carrier to offer first class to Guatemala and that’s Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles. The aircraft that flies is their 737 and is similar to a domestic first class experience.

1. Alaska Airlines 737

Alaska Airlines operates a Boeing 737 on this route, non stop from Los Angeles to Guatemala City. The first class cabin is configured in a 2-2 with each offering plush like couch seating.

While not the best first class product in the sky, you can still expect 41″ seat pitch, 2 free checked bags, a hot meal, and free beer, wine, and liquor. Given the flight is under 5 hours this is a very comfortable way to make it from the US to Guatemala.

Best Business Class

Not all business class are made equal so if you are willing to pay a slight premium for comfort (or shell out some points) we’ll tell you what option would be best.

The biggest difference you will get on this route in business class is a more comfortable seat and guaranteed meal service. Given US airlines are not the best when it comes to food, its better to have something to eat vs paying for a cold snack box.

1. Delta Airlines B757

Delta B757 is the only of the few aircraft that flies to Guatemala City with a fully lay flat bed. Given the flight from Guatemala to Atlanta is only 4 hours its interesting Delta decided to fly this plane on that route. You can expect a full meal on board as well as a semi private experience as the cabin is setup in a 2-2 configuration with window seats not having aisle access.

This seat sure makes it seems worth it to pick Delta over the other options.

2. United Airlines 767

United Boeing 737 offers a pretty basic business class with the seats similar to domestic first class. While not the ideal seat to be in for 5 hours its actually pretty comfortable for a daytime flight. Given United typically runs a little cheaper on this route it is still a great option to consider.

The biggest difference you will experience going business class is the service you receive. From early boarding, to drinks, to a hot meal, this may make it worth it for some to pay the premium.

Best Economy Class

There usually isn’t a major difference in economy class hard product but there may be items some airlines do better than others.

1. Avianca Economy

Avianca runs a single plane configuration on their routes to Guatemala split in a 3-3 configuration. Avianca is the largest airline in Colombia and given its route network they run plenty of flights to Guatemala from the US as well as Central and South America.

While you shouldn’t expect much from the experience on Avianca, we rank it as the best economy given the amount of routes they fly.

Getting To Guatemala On Points

Airline miles and credit card points are some of the best way to get a cheap if not entirely free ticket to Guatemala. If you are unfamiliar with this process read our guide on credit card points and miles.

The fastest way to get airline miles and also the biggest benefit to credit card points is the ability to transfer them to airline partners. If you are looking to increase your balance for a flight to Guatemala see the latest offers in our guide to the best credit cards for every traveler.

You should expect to pay between 15,000 – 35,000 points for a flight to Guatemala from the US with the best options being United MileagePlus, Air Canada Aeroplan, and American Airlines being your best bet to find availability

Earning Airline Miles

Having a stash of airline miles makes traveling a lot easier and significantly cheaper. If you are looking to save up for a future trip to Guatemala the best way to do that is by earning credit card points that can be transferred to airlines.

Given the vast amount of options, you’ll want to find a card that can fit your spending habits.

Summary & Takeaways

Given Guatemala is a short flight from the US there are a decent number of airlines offering service. In our opinion outside of Delta Business Class the remainder of the options tend to be fairly similar and you should have a comfortable trip regardless of which you choose.

For this trip, if you are looking to save money we think Frontier and Spirit offer many options for the cheapest possible price. If you want a more comfortable experience then Avianca, Delta, and United may be your best bet.

Keep in mind many airlines are trying to find other ways to separate themselves like lounge access and investment in better food. If you have flexibility on this route we recommend going with an airline that suites your travel needs and letting us know what you think is best in the comments.

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