A Guide To Car Rental Promotional Codes And Discounts

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Many leading car rental companies such as Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, National, and more offer promotional codes and discounted rates. Depending on the timing of your booking these can often save you between 25% – 35% off your next car rental.

The table below contains current codes and promotions from major car rental groups. We also recommend you checking if you are eligible for a corporate discount through your company.

Find the best rate your are eligible for in the table below to score a discount on your next booking.

CompanyDiscountCodeCheck Rates
ACE Rent A Car15% off pay-later ratesAC000083BCheck Rates
ACE Rent A Car15% off pre-pay ratesAC000083PCheck Rates
Avis10% off $100 Base RateMUWA146Check Rates
AvisUp to 30% off pay now rates and up to 25% off pay later ratesA519319Check Rates
Avis10% off car rentals in LaosJ046300Check Rates
AvisAARP members save up to 30% offA359807Check Rates
AvisGet 25% off base ratesA519300Check Rates
AvisUnion Members save up to 25% offB723700Check Rates
AvisUp to 25% off, 5% donated to Make a Wish®H749900Check Rates
AvisUp to 25% off, 5% donated to Susan G. Komen®A349300Check Rates
AvisUS Veteran and military discount up to 25% offT765700Check Rates
Avis5% off for USAA members.A177204Check Rates
AvisComplimentary one car class upgrade on all rentalsUUCA019Check Rates
AvisUS Veteran and military discount up to 25% offT765700Check Rates
AvisSave 10% on rentals in your city, town or neighborhoodK348200Check Rates
AvisSave up to 30% off and 10% back in Amazon.com gift cards for rentals in MexicoF539600Check Rates
AvisFree upgrade plus save up to 30% by paying now for rentals in Mexico.M221900Check Rates
AvisSouthwest RapidRewards Members save up to 30%K024700Check Rates
AvisJetBlue customers get up to 30% offH798518Check Rates
AvisSave up to 30%D499000Check Rates
AvisSave $10 on a rental of $100 or moreMUWA146Check Rates
AvisSave $15 on a rental of $125 or moreMUWA147Check Rates
AvisSave $25 on a rental of $175 or moreMUWA024Check Rates
AvisSave $20 on a 3+ day rental in AustraliaMPDA001Check Rates
AvisSave up to 10% off weekly car ratesS018500Check Rates
AvisGet $15 off base rates when you spend $125MUWA018Check Rates
AvisGet $15 off base rate of $175 and upMUWA001Check Rates
BudgetGeneral DiscountT356877Check Rates
BudgetGeneral DiscountU030094Check Rates
Budget25% off WorldwideX201400Check Rates
BudgetHarvard UniversityT255400Check Rates
BudgetSUV SpecialU030093Check Rates
BudgetSave up to 35% off Budget pay now rates and up to 25% off pay later ratesD822119Check Rates
BudgetBook an intermediate, standard, or full-size car and pick up an upgraded vehicle with this coupon.UUWZ042Check Rates
BudgetGet $10 off your base rate when you spend $100 or more on your next car rental.MUWZ952Check Rates
BudgetGet $25 off your base rate when you spend $175 or more on your next car rental.MUWZ759Check Rates
BudgetOne-Way Base rates as low as $49.99 per day!B121000Check Rates
BudgetSave up to 10% on already low ratesUUGZ039Check Rates
BudgetSave up to 10% on the base rate of your 28+ day rental.B129500Check Rates
BudgetSave up to 25% on your car rental base rate and 5% of your base rate will be donated to Susan G Komen® for breast cancer research.R899700Check Rates
Dollar15% off weekly/weekend car rental101607Check Rates
Dollar10% off weekly/weekend car rental101609Check Rates
Dollar10% off base rate of weekend/weekly rental101604Check Rates
Dollar10% off (AAA, West and Central NY)3000084Check Rates
Dollar5% off (Union Plus)3042236Check Rates
Dollar5% off (Corporate Shopping Channel)3063953Check Rates
Dollar7% off (AICPA)3041065Check Rates
DollarGet a free day on 3+ day rental101608Check Rates
EnterpriseMilitary, Government & Veterans-Check Rates
EnterpriseWeekend car rental special-Check Rates
EnterpriseFree Single Use Upgrade-Check Rates
HertzAAA210451Check Rates
HertzMilitary Discount1238193Check Rates
HertzAARP 20% Off2007815Check Rates
Hertz15% off on Affordable Rates Rentals976290Check Rates
Hertz20% off base rates at the airport and local edition locations240Check Rates
Hertz20% off base rates at the airport and local edition locations282Check Rates
Hertz$50 off weekly rentals210499Check Rates
National Rental CarAAA6100253Check Rates

Note: Please check your individual eligibility for the rate you are booking to guarantee a discount.

Business traveler planning a trip and looking for additional ways to get discounts? Checkout our additional guides on corporate codes and discounts at hotels.

Not affiliated with a company but still looking for a hotel discount? Look at our list of Hotel Promo Codes.

If you are a frequent traveler here is additional items you need to know about car rental promotional codes.

What Are Car Rental Promotional Codes?

Car rental promotional codes are discounted rates for certain destinations, car types, and time of year. If you are planning a trip many leading car rental companies such as Enterprise have a dedicated page on their website of the latest offers.

Who Is Eligible To Use Promotional and Corporate Rates?

This will vary but most members will be eligible to use promotional rates advertised by the company. If you are a business traveler then you will need to be a full time employee, contract worker, consultant, or affiliated with an organization to use a corporate rate. If you work for an organization on the list but are not aware if you are eligible seek out advice internally.

Often times if you are affiliated with an organization to obtain identification associating yourself with it that is usually enough for a car rental group to consider you eligible.

What Care Programs Offer Promotional and Corporate Rates?

Almost all major car groups offer promotions and corporate discounts. If you are looking for guides to each you can see the below:

What Is Included With A Promotional Rate?

For car rentals the typically perk is a discounted daily rate. There may be other benefits including longer rentals, increased insurance, or even benefits that don’t require you to refill the gas. Make sure to check the details with every booking company when searching for rates.

Are Promotional Codes Always The Best Rate?

Almost all the time the promotional rate will be cheaper than the standard rate. If you are using a corporate codeWhile promotional codes offer steep discounts they may not always be the best rate available. Make sure you compare your corporate rate with the standard rental rate to double check you are getting a better deal.

The car rental market will continue to offer discounts to loyal customers as well as promotional discounts to attract new ones. If you spot a new code we should be aware of please let us know in the comments.

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