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Finding the best flight is always top of mind every time I am booking a trip. Not only am I thinking about the airline and fare price but what does the cabin/seat look like? Is the food any good? Is the flight usually on time? How is the service on the airline?

All of these thoughts rush through my head and I usually spend the next 20 minutes searching for user reviews of various routes that can hopefully give me insight into what I can expect.

When I’m searching for some routes like London to New York or San Francisco to Newark I almost always find a lot of flight reviews with a simple Google search. However, how about route like Istanbul to Amsterdam or Abu Dhabi to Istanbul? I almost never find any insight into these routes and usually look for the closest comparison.

We’re hoping to change that by introducing a review platform for users to review specific flight routes.

Flight Review Platform

We are excited to introduce our newly launched flight review platform that can be found at review.travel-season.us.

Flight Review Homepage – review.travel-season.us

Easily navigate through a database of airline reviews, penned by real travelers like you. Whether you’re seeking insights on airline food, legroom, service quality, or overall flight experience, we empower you to make informed decisions.

The new platform allows you to share your own journey by crafting detailed reviews, contributing to a community dedicated to enhancing travel for everyone.

How It Works

Upon landing on the review platform, you will have the ability to easily search a route by origin and departure airport. Feel free to search by city as well and you will receive an option of many different airports.

Flight Review Search – review.travel-season.us

After you search, you will be presented with a list of airlines ranked by ratings. These airlines are all verified as providing service on that specific route and are able to be reviewed.

Flight Review Search Results – review.travel-season.us

Once you click on a route review page, you will see pictures and reviews from verified travelers. You will also be presented with flight number data for a specific flight as well as the ability to start your own review.

When ready, share your journey feeding by writing your own review of an airline route. You will rate the overall experience from 1 – 5 stars with optional additions of flight date, flight number, and flight class.

Flight Review Form – review.travel-season.us

Once you finish writing your review you simply hit submit and you are good to go! Not only can you benefit from reading others reviews but your review will help other travelers know how to select the best flight.

Need help writing a review, see our guidelines below.

How To Write Flight Reviews

When you write a flight review you want to get to the point and try to cover the main aspects of what makes a good, or not so good, flight.

How was the service? Did the flight leave on time? How was your seat? Was the food any good?

Most importantly, how was your overall experience?

Here is an example of a reasonable flight review:

Not every time will you have a lot to talk about. You may be flying on a short domestic flight it may be just another non memorable flight. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t review it! An ok to good flight should be a solid 3 out of 5 stars.

Here is an example of a short review on a domestic route:

Where flight reviews really excel are on long haul business or first class where the experience can vary greatly from airline to airline.

Most importantly, photos are the most helpful item you can share with other travelers. Pictures of the seat, food, even the menu go a long way in providing other travelers exactly what the experience is like.

If you were to benefit from seeing a review with pictures of a flight you plan to take – then consider writing your own reviews for your fellow travelers.

Got ideas for how to improve the review platform? Email us at [email protected] and we’d love to hear you thoughts.

Until then happy reviewing!

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