How To Get A Tax Refund At Milan Linate Airport

milan linate tax refund

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One of the biggest advantages of shopping in Europe for Americans is securing items while knowing you can get a tax refund upon departure.

We have done this countless times and while it always seems to be a tricky process there is usually a way to figure it out.

We won’t go into details on the VAT tax and how to qualify for a refund but if interested you can find out more about that here.

What we will be doing in this guide is to specifically tell you how to find a tax refund at Milan Linate Airport since we were confused by the process and didn’t want others to fall into a potential trap.

Milan Linate Airport is the second largest airport in the city and the closest to the city center located only 7 kilometers away. Most flights out of this airport are often domestic or to other parts of the EU, with a few select flights outside to the likes of London and Switzerland.

Due to the majority of flights being to other EU countries they do not put much emphasis on tax refunds here. However, there is a way to do it if you are going outside the EU and here is how.

Located area 7 at check in

When you arrive to Milan Linate Departures there will be multiple check in areas. You want to find aisle 7 to locate the customs office.

Walk towards the back

Go past the check in desks and walk all the way to the back of the area.

Find the customs office

Once in the back you will see a customs office. This is where you want to bring you tax free form along with your items.

After you show your boarding pass, passport, receipt, and items – the agent will stamp your form.

Once complete the agent will mention for you to go over to Area 3 where the refund desk is located.

DO NOT go to the refund desk

This is where things get tricky – the refund desk is located in Area 3 and has the tax refund sign on it.

The reason you do not want to go here is the huge amount of fees they will charge you just to get your refund back. This desk will charge you a processing fee for each receipt and offer you an unreasonable conversation rate for your good. You will end up paying about 30% of your overall refund amount by just going to the this desk.

Instead, go to the front of Area 3 by Hudson News

Locate the Hudson News stand that is towards the entrance door of Area 3.

Walk past it towards the bag wrapping and doors

You want to take a few steps forward just to the entrance of area 5.

Spot the yellow mailboxes

You will see 2 post boxes off to the corner that are kind of hidden. Once you have your stamp on your tax refund you want to close it and drop it in here.

As long as you selected the credit card refund you will receive your full amount in a few weeks.

Summary & Takeaways

Given Milan Linate airport does not have a lot of flights going outside of the EU the tax refund process is a bit tricky. However, the official signs are a bit of a sneaky way to charge you more fees.

If you follow the above process you can get your refund amount in full and it doesn’t take much time at all.

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10 months ago

Tks you so much. I will try to follow that tomorrow. My issue is my flight it’s 07AM in the moorning. I’m not sure if the Cust. Service will be open at this time.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rohan Lala

What time does the cust office open?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jane
6 months ago

Thank you! This made the process so much easier and straightforward for me!!

Scarlet Siu
Scarlet Siu
1 month ago

Do I put the sealed envelopes on the right or left side of the post box? I’ve just translated it, the left side says for the city and the right says for all other destinations.