A Complete Guide to Food and Wine on JetBlue Airways

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JetBlue is a major American low cost airline and one that has become the favorite for many travelers due to their high quality food, comfortable seating, and flexible bookings. The carrier quickly gained favor with Americans looking for an alternative major carriers such as Delta, United, and American.

The airline primarily operates domestic flights out of Boston and New York JFK, but has recently expanded internationally with their first flight to London launched in 2021.

JetBlue has impressed many frequent flyers with their ultra modern and comfortable interiors but their food is notably one of their best features. Travelers have touted it as the best in the US for its unique selection and presentation of food onboard, especially in their Mint Business Cabin.

If you are planning to fly the airline or just want to see how they are innovating on airline food we will break down everything you need to know about JetBlue food.

Cuisine Overview

Since their founding, JetBlue decided to invest heavily in the passenger experience as a way to differentiate itself among legacy carriers. The airline industry is notoriously difficult to succeed in so JetBlue took a gamble that providing passengers elevated offerings, even in economy, while still keeping prices reasonable will win over passengers and create brand loyalty.

After over 20 years of successful operations, we would say they succeeded.

JetBlue food focuses on partnerships with local providers that can offer healthy and comforting meals to all passengers on board. The airline currently partners with Dig, a New York based restaurant business, and Delicious Hospitality Group, to provide a small plates experience for passengers.

JetBlue Food
JetBlue Food (source: JetBlue.com)

Every passenger on JetBlue receives at minimum complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, with the selection on longer haul flights including full meal service with multiple options.

Another unique aspect of JetBlue food is their cocktail experience.JetBlue’s Mint passengers are offered a list of changing cocktails prepared and served at each passenger’s seat, providing a truly high class passenger experience.

Culinary Partners

Similar to airlines such as Delta and United, JetBlue also partners with local restaurants to provide passengers a familiar authentic experience on board. Currently, JetBlue’s main partner isDig, a New York-based restaurant business, for economy class in-flight meals on its first-ever transatlantic flights to London later this year.

The Dig menu on JetBlue aircraft offers proteins, vegetables, and grains supplied in part from minority- and women-owned farms, as well as the company’s Dig Acres farm in upstate New York.If you’ve ever visited a Dig location, you’ll know several menu favorites like the roasted chicken thigh over brown rice with herbs, Jasper Hill mac, and cheese, and, of course, sheet pan roasted carrots.

Jetblue Dig
JetBlue Food by Dig (source: JetBlue.com)

Passengers are able to select one of three main courses, which will include a protein or vegetable with a foundation, as well as two of three hot and cold side dishes.

With the popularity of canned wine is skyrocketing, JetBlue began serving Archer Roose’s canned sauvignon blanc inflight as part of a new partnership with the company and will soon follow up with the brand’s rosé offering in the spring.

JetBlue’s latest partnership demonstrates the airline’s continuous commitment to providing industry-leading product choices that reflect consumer trends, allowing passengers to enjoy the things they love on the ground while in the air.

Onboard Dining

Due to COVID-19, JetBlue continues to offer a limited number of complimentary food and beverage options, as well as certain for-purchase options. We will continue to update the article with the latest information.

Enjoying a meal onboard a JetBlue Airlines flight is a uniquely fun experience. There are a ton of factors that help determine what the food experience will be, like the route flown and class level of the ticket. JetBlue has continuously upgraded their food offerings across their entire network, but there is still a huge difference when flying a short haul main cabin versus a Mint Cabin long haul.

Currently, JetBlue is offering a limited selection of food, drinks, and goods for purchase are offered from carts in the aisle in the economy (pre-sealed EatUp snack boxes, pillows, blankets, and headphones).

However, meal service is continueing to return as travel picks up and is still being served on JetBlues longer flights.

Economy Cabin

In an era when most airlines have slashed economy privileges to the bone, Jetblue is upping the ante by promising to provide high-quality snacks, meals, and drinks to passengers traveling throughout their network.

All JetBlue flights feature free, brand-name snacks + drinks, including freshly brewed Dunkin’ coffee, a selection of EatUp boxes available for purchase, as well as fresh fare from an EatUp Café menu on select flights.

Jetblue Food Availability
Fresh food availability (source: JetBlue.com)

JetBlue EatUp Cafe provides fresh food like Turkey & Pepper jack sandwiches, Cheese & Crackers, Jicama and Grape Salad Shakers, and Ham & Cheese Croissants. Travelers have frequently mentioned the quality of these items are typically above the standard and more than what you would expect from airline food.

On JetBlue international flights to London, all economy passengers receive a complimentary meal, beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, and tea, uniquely served from a trolley.

One of the most unique aspects of JetBlue food is providing passengers to curate their own meal by selecting 3 out of 5 dishes available on that flight. This allows passengers much more choice to mix and match offerings to suite their own preferences.

Meals are designed to be healthy and fresh including choices such as charred chicken and herbs, rice, meatballs, and tomato farro, and spicy eggplant with coconut cauliflower quinoa. Side dishes include anything from macaroni and cheese to carrots on a sheet tray and heirloom tomato salad.

Are you leaving early in the morning? Mixed berry bread pudding, citrus salad with local honey will be among the menu items.

A walk-up bar is also placed between the Mint and economy seats offers a choice of nibbles and cold drinks to hungry passengers.

Jetblue’s head of marketing and loyalty, Jayne O’Brien, said in a statement, “We know all too well the pain points of international traveling — the dreaded center section [of sitting in a twin-aisle plane], the ‘choice’ of assembly-line chicken or beef, and the lack of connectivity.” “Jetblue is ready to change all of that with our unique approach to transatlantic travel, where you will be properly looked after and totally connected if you so desire.”

Fresh Mint: Business Class

JetBlue launched its brand-new Mint seat on flights between New York-JFK and Los Angeles on June 1, marking a key milestone for the New York-based carrier. Then, on Aug. 11, Mint makes its first transatlantic journey to London Heathrow (LHR), bringing this one of a kind seat for an American based airline global.

To understand the difference in JetBlue mint compared to other carriers, you simply need to just look at the seat and compare it to any other US based airline.

JetBlue offers mostly private suites with more personal space than any other carrier.

JetBlue began revamping its Mint “soft product” last year in anticipation of both launches, adding new bedding, amenity kits, and meals prepared by Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG), which also owns a handful of famous NYC restaurants, including Charlie Bird, Legacy Records, and Pasquale Jones.

Passengers in this cabin will be able to personalize the seasonally changing, modern menus via their in-flight screens by selecting at least three selections from a protein, a vegetable, and two side dishes.

Jetblue is already beefing up its portfolio in anticipation of the debut of transatlantic flights this summer, according to Globetrender. When it was launched in 2014, the service included a unique, improved version of its Mint business class experience, which promised customers “a fresh take on premium travel at a non-premium price.”

With private booths and an ultra-spacious front-row Mint Studio concept, the company has now set its eyes on changing transatlantic travel.

JetBlue airlines food-and-beverage upgrades will benefit more than just premium-cabin passengers; the airline is also investing heavily in its “Core” economy product for London flights, which will include fantastic meals and upgraded drinks, including complimentary beer, wine, and liquor for all passengers.

Wine & Cocktail Selection

JetBlue, like most airlines, charges extra for alcoholic beverages on domestic flights. Old staples and microbrews are among the beer options while the adult beverage options include hard liquor and three types of still and sparkling wine.

A unique factor to JetBlue’s drink experience is the ability for Mint passengers to receive a freshly poured cocktail directly at your seat. The menu features a number of changing cocktails served in a rocks glass.

Additionally, JetBlue has a number of wine and champagne offerings available including:

Crémant De Bourgogne, Victorine De Chastenay

This Crémant from prime vineyard positions in Burgundy is totally dry and aged for an extended period to develop tastes like brioche, hazelnuts, and lemon, and is a pleasant way to start your flight.

Sohm & Kracher Grüner Veltliner

This Grüner, made from Austria’s main white grape, Grüner Veltliner, is savory, with white pepper and lemon zest aromas.

Jean-Marc Roulot Bourgogne Blanc

This Bourgogne Blanc is 100 percent Chardonnay and is made from tiny vineyards in and near Meursault’s ideal location. It has flavors of Granny Smith apples, brioche, and a hint of salt.

Benanti Etna Rosso

On Mount Etna’s volcanic slopes, the Benanti Estate grows exclusively local grapes that aren’t found anywhere else, such as the Nerello Mascalese. The result has a mild smokey, flowery flavor, similar to Pinot Noir.

López De Heredia Viña Cubillo

From a legendary winery in a region known for large, earthy reds, this wine is aged seven years before release, enhancing the smokey and spicy flavors.

Another unique aspect of JetBlue drink experience is their carry-on policy and official one of the few airlines that are BYOB.

Sure, you may purchase from the in-flight menu more than a dozen different types of beer, wine, and spirits, but they’ll set you back around $7 to $9 each. However, a little-known tip: you can carry your own alcohol onto a JetBlue flight, but there are a few caveats.

Most countries have laws prohibiting travelers from bringing their own alcohol onto an airplane. The reason for this is that it makes it impossible for the flight crew to keep track of how much you’ve consumed and when you’ve reached your limit.

You can carry your own booze on board a plane (hello, duty-free shopping! ), but you can’t open it yourself, according to FAA rules. That’s when your helpful flight crew comes in. If you need to open that bottle of wine in your carry-on, you’ll have to enlist the help of a crew member to serve it to you. It may appear to be a diva-like request, but it is the law and can save you quite a lot of money.

Of course, if you took a beverage from home, it would have to be in a very little bottle to go past security – but nips are included in this rule. “If bought in the secure boarding area, JetBlue airlines will permit alcoholic beverages not exceeding 24 percent by volume, or more than 24 percent by volume and not exceeding 70 percent by volume, when in retail packages, without exceeding a total amount of five liters per person,” according to JetBlue’s guidelines. That’s just to get it on the plane, whether you intend to drink it or not.

“You may bring champagne, wine, or beer on a domestic trip for consumption during the journey if it is in an unopened container,” the airline states right below those instructions. If you want to drink the alcohol you’re carrying, you can give it to one of our in-flight staff members, who will gladly serve it to you.”

Of all, great power comes with great responsibility, including the ability to shut you off if a crew member suspects you’ve had a bit too much to drink… Even if you’ve only had just one glass of champagne and the bottle is nearly empty. So drink responsibly and remember to raise a glass to this small loophole!

Summary & Takeaway

JetBlue is one of the few carriers that invests heavily in the food and drinks department and it really shows. The companies dedicating to providing a high quality offering with plenty of selection makes it one of the standouts in the industry.

We are excited to continue to see JetBlue expand their network as well as their onboard service as they continue to grow in the future.

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Bill Watkins
Bill Watkins
1 year ago

You are full of Bull ! Jet Blue has obviously paid you for the glowing report.
My experience is that the Jet Blue menu is over produced, overly fancy , foo foo, with very little substance,
Try and get a cheese omlet with potatoes on Jet Blue – you’ll get califlour pancakes with mint jelly and pumpkin spice mustard. Just a bunch of foo foo inappropriate crap !. Try and register your food choice on their website – the link doesn’t exist.