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Hilton Honors is one of the most used hotel loyalty program for travelers, making corporate and promotional discounts a major part of their offering. Given the Hilton network has almost 600 properties around the world there are plenty of options to choose from.

Hilton regularly introduces special offers and even includes a dedicated special offers pages on their website.

If you happen to time your travel right or be associated with any of their partner organizations you should definitely plan on taking advantage of of these discounts. The benefits can range from increase in points, free breakfast, or up to 30% off the regular nightly rate.

If you happen to know a Hilton employee or are one yourself, checkout our guide to Hilton Team Member Travel Program that offers by far their biggest discounts.

Depending on where and when you travel there won’t always be availability but if it’s a major city you are almost always likely to find space.

Hilton corporate rate discounts

If you work for a major corporation there is a high chance you book your hotels through a company portal or have a travel agent secure all reservations. With the corporate rate inserted on the backend a lot of times you may not even be aware of what your own companies code is.

At the request of our partners, we have removed corporate codes from this page. If your company has an eligible corporate rate you can still follow our guide on how to use them with various hotel partners.

Many companies have multiple rates with Hilton so make sure you try all the ones assigned to your given organization.

If you do not know your companies rate you can reach out to your company HR department to receive your discount code. If your company does not have a corporate rate with Hilton than you can begin the process of applying for one in the steps below.

Apply discount code into Hilton search

Hilton makes it straightforward to search using a corporate discount.

Simply navigate to the search bar on Hiltons website and expand the column titled “Special Rates”. You will see a dedicated section titled “Corporate Account” and here is where you will want to enter your code.

Hilton Search With Corporate Rate

As soon as you enter your rate and click “Find a Hotel” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Be sure to pay attention to the rate displayed in the search results to know you are actually booking with your corporate rate.

Hilton Rate Compare

If a corporate discount is available at your given hotel you will see the name of your company listed under the current price of a room. If a corporate rate is not available at a given hotel the next best rate will be displayed such as “Honors Discount Advance Purchase”.

Note that each rate comes with different benefits and cancelation policies so make sure you chose the one that works best for you.

Compare preferred vs. direct rates

While corporate codes offer steep discounts they may not always be the best rate available at that given property. Make sure you compare your corporate rate with the standard nightly rate to double check you are getting a better deal.

There are a lot of reasons to why, but hotels may be running their own special deal making the standard rate lower than the corporate rate for a given night. We always recommend comparing your corporate rate to other promotions the hotel may be running directly.

To see if you are getting the best rate you will see a selection for “More Prices Available” underneath each room.

Once you select this option it will provide you with a breakout of all the rates available for that given night.

Hilton also offers the ability to package your deal by paying for parking, breakfast, or even increasing the points you receive per stay. Your preferred rate will always be located on the top but make sure you check all the options before making your selection.

Hilton Corporate Rate Is The Best

In this example, the corporate rate is 15% cheaper per night than the hotel’s direct “Best Available Rate”. The corporate rate also comes with all the additional benefits during your stay as well as the ability to cancel one night before arrival.

However, this won’t always be the case as you can see in the example below.

Hilton Corporate Rate Is Not The Best

In this scenario the corporate discount is actually more expensive than the Honors Discount even when you include breakfast. While we would suggest to not use your corporate rate in this situation it is entirely up to you to determine if the benefits are worth it.

Note, some corporations require you to use their corporate rate regardless if it is the cheapest available. This is to ensure proper accounting of hotel stays for all employees and to help negotiate their rates upon renewal. Check with your HR if you find cheaper rates that do not include your discount and they will guide you what to book.

Present identification upon arrival

This part can may not always happen but according to several hotel group’s official policy, a hotel must check ID to confirm your rate upon check in. Given how most Hilton are operated independently, we found this to vary wildly based on location.

Acceptable forms of identification include

  • A badge or pass with the company name and picture
  • A business card that includes your name and company
  • An email address the hotel will confirm by sending you an email

In our experience, hotels in Asia tend to check ID almost 100% of the time but in North America and Europe, it has been less than 10%.

Recently many more hotels are making sure guests are eligible to use the corporate rate so be prepared to show one of the acceptable proofs of identification. If you are unable to provide proof of identification you will be charged the current daily rate, which at the last minute will often be much more expensive.

Who is eligible to use corporate rates?

This will vary by company but it’s not uncommon for full time employees, contract workers, consultants, or those affiliate with an organization to use a corporate rate. If you work for an organization on the list but are not aware if you are eligible seek out advice internally.

Often times if you are affiliated with an organization to obtain identification associating yourself with it that is usually enough for a hotel group to consider you eligible.

Hilton corporate discounts should also only be used when traveling for business. If you are planning leisure travel you may not be eligible to book on a corporate rate. It’s also no surprise that many hotels in vacation heavy destinations do not offer corporate discounts.

Note for booking you must be associated with the organization and authorized to do redeem the rate. Use the steps to see if you can receive a Hilton discount on your next booking.

What is included with a corporate rate?

A corporate rate is not always just a discount in room price, they often come with additional perks. In our experience the most common additional benefits include free wifi, breakfast, and at times more flexible checkout.

Another major benefit in booking with a corporate rate is the ability to cancel up until the last minute. Hilton typically offers the ability to cancel any corporate rate booking until 11:59 PM local hotel time the day before. This is a huge benefit as often plans change and allows you to make bookings without having travel plans fully confirmed.

Each property varies in what they offer business travelers so make sure you read the details before booking.

Companies that get the best rates at Hilton

Not all discounts are created equally and naturally some companies have negotiated better rates than others. The rate you receive is based on the amount of stays a company provides to a certain hotel leading to a better discounted rate.

Typically companies that travel the most such as Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, and At&t will get the best rates as well as have the most available hotels. If you are affiliated with any of these companies then you can expect the best rates at various properties around the world.

Hilton special offers page

Hilton regularly has special offers that vary throughout the season and can include increased points, free breakfast, or a Hilton Honors discount. You can see their current special offers on their website here.

Hilton Special Offers

The special offers from Hilton frequently change but if you have an upcoming trip it’s worthwhile to browse the latest to see if you qualify for a discount. Here are some of the most common Hilton offers we see on their special offers page.

2X Points Packages

Receive double the Hilton Honors Points each night of your stay at any participating property within the Hilton Portfolio. This offer is only eligible for Hilton Honors members but is available to those with any type of status.

Honors Discount Advance Purchase

Hilton provides honors members with the ability to save up to 20% off the Best Available Rate if you book in advance. This means you must pay for your reservation at booking and there is no cancellation allowed.

Breakfast Included Package

Hilton typically does not include breakfast in their standard rate and it provides you the option to book breakfast in advance for a discount. This means the rate will be slightly higher but can include breakfast even at top tier properties for an additional fee.

Park & Go

Hilton allows you to prepay for parking at a discount and also obtain shuttle service at select airports and cruise ports. This is a great way to save time and conveniently have your parking paid for prior to arrival. Note this rate will be slightly higher than the standard rate.

Up to 25% off stays in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Hilton regularly introduces discounts on stays in certain regions of the world and it will typically be about 25% off the nightly rate. Often times these rates have an expiration so you will want to browse the Hilton special offers page prior to booking and book early.

Free Points With Purchase of Points

While not tied to a booking, Hilton regularly introduces the ability to boost your points balance when you purchase points from Hilton. While we don’t always recommend buying hotel points unless you have a specific booking in mind, Hilton will generally provide bonuses ranging from 50% – 80% extra.

Hilton Honors Points Purchase

Note these usually have an expiration date so you will want to check when you are ready to purchase.

Credit Card Benefits

In additional to special offers during stays, Hilton regularly has promotions through their branded credit cards with American Express. Given how valuable credit card points are and their ability to transfer to Hilton this can help you gain a significant amount of points or Diamond Hilton status vast.

If you are looking to open a Hilton branded credit card see our latest credit card offers here.

Additional Hilton Discounts

If you do not find a Hilton special offer that fits your needs and are not an employee of a company that has a rate with Hilton you still may be in luck to score a discount.

Here are other promotions you may be eligible for:

Hilton MVP Program and Code

The MVP program was designed for people traveling with sports teams or for sporting events. Hilton MVP (also called Hilton Family MVP Reservations) is a special discount of 20% on specific properties throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and other countries in Latin America. There are a pretty large pool of people so you may be eligible to use this rate.

To find out more MVP rates can be access on Hiltons dedicated MVP page here.

Go Hilton team member family and friends

The “Go Hilton” Team Member program gives employees, friends, and families a discount on stays at properties around the world. Known as TMTP, it’s often regarded as the best employee discount program in the country due to its generous savings for members.

Members that qualify are current Hilton team members (full time, part time and seasonal employees) or owner club members (owns 25%+ of a Hilton property).

To find out more see our guide to the Go Hilton team member program.

Hilton Honors discount

Hilton also provides additional discounts to Hilton Honors Members making signing up well worth it. These rates will typically be better than the standard rate and make more sense to book while logged in.

There is nothing additional needed to gain access to these rates just ensure you are logged in when searching for hotel stays.

How To Negotiate A Corporate Rate At Hilton Hotels

If your company does not currently have a corporate rate with Hilton hotels you can negotiate one. Note you will need to negotiate with each Hilton hotel individually instead of Hilton as a whole so choose your locations and properties carefully.

The process is a bit informal but starts by sending an email to the corporate-programs office or directly to a hotel manager if you are a frequent visitor. The process for joining may vary by hotel but generally involves filling out an application indicating number of employees, expected stays, and additional details. Once agreed you will obtain a code that will enable you to see discounted rates on Marriott website and app when booking.

More Hotel Corporate Programs

Most major hotel chains have a corporate program and if you don’t find a relevant Hilton hotel in your desired destination you can try Marriott, IHG, or Hyatt. You can also browse all hotel corporate codes in our guide here.

Summary & Takeaways

Given Hilton hotels global footprint and vast corporate program it is a very popular choice for business travelers. Hilton offers many perks for some of their most loyal customers and corporate discounts are just one of the many offerings.

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