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Hawaii, with its paradisiacal beaches, volcanoes, and unique culture, has long been a favored destination for travelers worldwide. Every year, millions are drawn to its enchanting islands, craving a slice of its tropical magic.

Since Hawaii lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the journey to get there is not easy, even when flying from the mainland US. While many major US cities offer direct service, its not uncommon to need to connect on the West coast before making the onward journey. With so many hours of traveling needing to get there, picking the correct airline and route is essential for guaranteeing all the comfort you can get. 

We’ll break down everything you need to know about traveling to Hawaii by air, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

Airports Near Hawaii

Hawaii is primarily served by two international airports and a few others that mainly operate internal flights and receive budget airlines. Navigating through the right airport can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition from your departure city to Hawaii. 

AirportTaxi To CenterEst Taxi Price
Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Oahu (HNL)10 min$30
Kahului Airport, Maui, (OGG)15 min$35

Located on the island of Oahu, the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, commonly known as Honolulu International Airport, stands as Hawaii’s largest and busiest airport. It is the primary hub connecting Hawaii to the rest of the world. Its central location makes it the best choice for those intending to hop between the islands, as inter-island flights are frequent.

The Kahului Airport in Maui is not as expansive as HNL. However, OGG is efficiently designed to cater to the steady daily influx of visitors. The airport is close to Maui’s major towns, making it a favorable starting point for exploring the island’s drives, beaches, and volcanic craters.

Airlines Flying To Hawaii

Hawaii’s charm as a top travel destination means that many domestic and international airlines offer routes to its shores. These US airlines vary in service offerings, ensuring travelers have options regardless of budget or preference. 

Hawaiian Airlines
Alaska Airlines 
American Airlines 
United Airlines
Delta Airlines

Multiple flights leave daily from the main airports around the US, although some may need you to go through a connection. There’s always a choice, from luxury business classes that pamper you with amenities to budget-friendly options that get you to paradise without breaking the bank. 

Airfare to Hawaii

Ticket prices to Hawii can vary depending on season but if you are flying from mainland US you can expect to pay between $300 – $600 roundtrip in the off season and $700 – $1,500 during peak season. We like using Skyscanner to find the best deal and their compare page makes it easy.

Here is a breakdown of average round trip prices by month but note they include flying from smaller Hawaii islands that skew the prices cheaper.

Skyscanner Hawaii Flights by Month

There is also a tool that can run a compare of various cities if you have set dates or months in mind. All you need to do is enter a timeframe for departure and Skyscanner does the rest.

Skyscanner Cheapest Flights to Hawaii

You can find all Skyscanner tools on this page here and utilize this info to find the best flight deal.

Best First Class

For those eyeing a luxurious journey to Hawaii, it’s essential to note a particular quirk in the flight offerings. Currently, no airlines provide a designated first-class cabin on their routes to Hawaii. However, don’t be disappointed by the absence of the traditional first-class label. Many airlines offer comfortable and luxurious business-class cabins that rival and, in some cases, surpass the typical first-class experience.

Best Business Class

Business-class cabins are carefully designed to ensure that travelers enjoy comfortable and spacious seating, gourmet dining, and premium amenities, setting the tone for a splendid Hawaiian vacation.

1. Delta Airbus A330

Delta’s premium lie-flat seats, synonymous with luxury, are typically available on flights from Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City to Honolulu. These seats are housed in the Airbus A330-300, boasting an international Business Class configuration and offering design amenities, privacy, and in-flight entertainment. Meals are accompanied by high-quality wines, and service is impecable. Aircrafts with A330-neo are the go-to for those seeking these premium seats.  Delta aids passengers by indicating lie-flat seats with a bed icon, streamlining the booking process. Delta also has an expansive food offering that will offer a hot meal on all flights to Hawaii.

2. United Airlines Boeing 777

United Airlines’ Boeing 777 Business Class is designed to prioritize the passenger’s comfort. The seats transform into lie-flat beds, ensuring restful slumber during long flights. The spacious configuration allows for ample personal space, with dedicated work, entertainment, and relaxation areas. Every seat has an entertainment system offering a curated selection of movies, music, and games. Add this to the attentive crew service and the tasty food onboard, and you have every need catered to. 

3. American Airlines A321neo 

The American Airlines A321neo Business Class is part of the next-generation aircraft fleet. The A321neo emphasizes environmental efficiency without compromising passenger comfort. Within the Business Class cabin, travelers are greeted with ergonomic seats that meld style with comfort. The inflight entertainment has a rich selection of movies, shows, and music. Passengers can also stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi, working or staying in touch. The culinary offerings, curated by expert chefs, promise a delightful gastronomic journey accompanied by various beverages. 

4. Hawaiian Airlines A330

Hawaiian Airlines has a fleet of 24 A330-200s, and the 2-2-2 seating configuration boasts a 76-inch lie-flat bed. Earthy tones of brown and tan, punctuated by blue, reflect Hawaii’s natural beauty. The leather seats, curated by the Italian brand Poltrona Frau, ensure comfort. An adjustable large-screen tablet, replacing built-in entertainment, provides movies, shows, and games. The in-flight dining, crafted by Chef Sheldon Simeon, is a gastronomic delight, with dishes like Kim Chee Shrimp Poke and Shoyu Roast Chicken. Although the Premier Club lounge for domestic flights doesn’t match the premium Plumeria Lounge’s allure, the in-flight experience is undeniably top-tier.

Best Economy Class

Traveling to Hawaiian doesn’t have to break the bank. Economy class has evolved over the years, striking a balance between affordability and comfort. As travelers increasingly prioritize value and experience, airlines have responded by enhancing their economy offerings.

1. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737

Economy class on Alaska Airline’s Boeing 737 fleet, which is soon to be their exclusive aircraft type, features a 3×3 seating configuration. Passengers are provided with a comfortable seat of 31-32 inches, with the option to upgrade to extra legroom seats, adding an additional 4 inches. While complimentary meals aren’t available in economy, passengers have meal options for purchase. For those in premium, a complimentary alcoholic drink is provided along with a snack. 

2. American Airlines Airbus A321neo

The “Flagship flights” elevate the experience with free meals in all classes, seat-back entertainment, and a premium economy cabin. Here, passengers find an economy seat ranging between 31-32 inches, with extra legroom seats stretching 3-6 inches more. The premium economy has a spacious 38-inch pitch.  These planes feature a 3×3 seating configuration and boast seat-back entertainment. Meals are not complimentary but available for purchase. While there’s room for enhancement, the airline shows promising signs of progress.

3. Delta Boeing 767

Delta services Hawaii with 19 nonstop flights from nine mainland hubs to four islands, using an array of aircraft and seating arrangements. For economy passengers on their Boeing 767, seat pitch ranges from 30 to 32 inches. Extra legroom seats provide an additional 3 inches for those seeking added comfort, while the Delta Comfort+ premium economy cabin boasts a spacious 38-inch pitch. 

4. Hawaiian Airlines A330

Hawaiian Airlines offers a distinct flying experience, connecting travelers via fifteen mainland gateways to four Hawaiian islands using wide and narrow-body aircraft. The airline’s unique brand encapsulates the spirit of Hawaii, creating an immersive experience. Specifically, the A330 economy cabin provides a seat pitch of 31 inches. For those seeking more legroom, the extra comfort seats on the A330 boast 36 inches. Direct routes are available from various cities. Opting for Hawaiian Airlines, travelers are subtly introduced to the Hawaiian ambiance even before they land on the islands.

Summary & Takeaways

Plenty of airlines fly from different states in the US to Hawaii, with multiple flights leaving at different hours of the day to some of the largest airports in the Aloha state. Because Hawaii floats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there are many in-flight hours ahead of you, and sometimes you might need to embark on connecting flights to get there. That’s why airlines work on offering the utmost comfort possible, whether you’re sitting in business or economy class. 

When picking the best airline, many people look at the space between seats, meal quality, and entertainment options. Although they differ from one another quite a bit, most airlines flying into Hawaii offer comfort, no matter what.

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