Food Review: Turkish Airlines Lounge At Miami Airport

turkish airlines lounge mia

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Turkish Airlines is known around the world for offering great food. We experienced a somewhat good experience on our flights from Newark to Istanbul. Heck they even serve food on a 1 hour domestic flight that we got to try.

Although the food on Turkish is typically very good the pandemic has effected us all, including Turkish Airlines.

We’re not sure when we can expect a return to service but so far the days of getting a trolly serving you food in business class has not returned.

We are still hopeful though, as travel picks back up a good food offering can really set an airline apartment.

Although still during the pandemic we were interested to see how a Turkish Lounge would fare in Miami International Airport.

The Turkish Airlines Lounge is located after security in Terminal E on Level 2. The lounge is open from 5am – 10pm and the best news is they accept Priority Pass members.

We were flying on a short haul flight to New York and decided to make a quick stop to see what it was like.

We found our way to Turkish Airlines lounge that is located on the second floor. You need to walk down a bit of a hallway and use an elevator to get there but we eventually made it.

I immediately like the style of the lounge and upon entering was hoping for the best.

On this trip the lounge was not overly crowded but was also not empty. There was plenty of people inside with the lounge consisting of one main room as well as a smaller seating room.

As soon as you enter you come across a large food service area as well as a separate. We expect this was self serve but for now they had attendants handing out the food. We noticed this would sometimes cause a line up but the wait usually was pretty quicky.

We observed small plates like salads, hummus, pita, fruit, and quinoa. They also had some sandwiches and small plates of dessert as well as drinks available.

Turkish also provides an option to order hot meals and the only choice of the day was falafel. We excitedly ordered two plates one with vegetables and the other with rice.

Our excitement quickly went away when we saw the plates being served. These were some sad looking plates.

The falafel was chewy, the veggies soggy, and the rice didn’t taste like much. Worst of all they weren’t actually that hot and more room temperature.

This was a pretty big disappointment since we thought such a simple dish would be something that can be done right.

Maybe this was not the best time to visit or maybe this is what it usually is like. We can’t be too disappointed given the times we are living in but we just hoped for better from Turkish Airlines.

Perhaps we’ll give this lounge another go at some point but for now if you are planning to visit stick to drinks and enjoy the space.

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