Food Review: United Airlines 767 Economy from London to Chicago

United Economy Food

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Over the past 2 years I have been flying United a lot recently in all cabins and what I’ve noticed is when it comes to food you never really know what you are going to get. On one hand I can remember United Polaris food being pretty good and after this flight I’m not thinking if United Economy food is better than Business.

United has been going through an overhaul of their food offering and I would say it’s been hit or miss with many travelers voicing their complaints. I was speechless on one of my Polaris flight from Geneva to Newark at what was served to me and was hesitant to fly them again.

It’s shocking that we have got to this point but after this quick hop across the pond on a daytime flight my mind was set that this was one of the better meals I’ve had on United in any class.

I was departing mid day out of London for a 8 hour flight into Chicago.

Economy Cabin

It had been a while since I flew United Economy class but I actually really liked how modern the cabin was, especially the IFE. The cabin was laid out in a 2-3-2 configuration and lucky enough it was no where near a full flight.

Set up with the seat next to me free I was really looking forward to this flight.

Flight Schedule

The flight meal schedule was on display at my seat when I arrived. I really like this feature on airlines since it gives you a rough idea of both meal time and cabin lighting.

There was no menu on this flight so when the cabin crew came around they mentioned the option of chicken curry or vegetable pasta. It was an easy choice as I find most curry’s on airplanes to be a really comforting meal when flying.

Economy Meal

Not too long after take off they served the meal and I was pretty impressed. For an economy meal this was definitely a generous serving and I was excited to check it out.

Economy Lunch – Chicken Curry

As I unwrapped everything I took inventory. A chicken curry with rice and vegetables, a cous cous salad, bread roll, mini breadsticks, and a strawberry ice cream.

Cous Cous and Chicken Curry

Upon closer look both the cous cous and the chicken curry looked great. I worry sometime when you get a sad looking salad but the cous cous here actually looked pretty good and flavorful.

Meal snacks

The additional sides were nothing to write home about. The bread was your typical hard airline roll but I didn’t mind since there was plenty of other food to enjoy.

Chicken Curry

Now to the main meal the chicken curry. I often add a bit of pepper to most meals I have on airplanes and this one was very flavorful. Typically meals on airplanes taste less salty but this one was just right.

Chicken Curry

I always find a curry or soup to be one of the most comforting meals to have in flight and this was no exception. I easily finished off this whole plate and I thought it was pretty good portion for an economy meal as well.

Bread sticks

I dove into the bread sticks a bit and they had good flavor but I didn’t really eat too many.

Strawberry Ice Cream

It was time for dessert and this strawberry ice cream really hit the spot. It wasn’t overly firm and was plenty soft to dive into right away.

After the meal I took a quick nap and just lounged in the comfort of not having anyone sitting next to me. Of course I was looking forward to the pre arrival snack and wasn’t too sure what it was going to be.

About an hour and half before landing the flight attendants came by with this turkey sandwich on pretzel bread.

Pre Landing Snack

The sandwich was served hot but with nothing else in addition to it. I always appreciate a hot snack vs a cold one on arrival so I had no complaints.

Turkey Sandwich on Pretzel Bread

The sandwich was actually pretty good but a slight bit oily. It wasn’t the largest but it was good enough for a snack portion.

Summary & Takeaways

Over the past year or so I feel like United has been one of the most inconstant airlines when it comes to food, especially in Polaris. The airline seems to be cutting back and often doesn’t get the food right in both portion and taste.

On the bright side it looks like their economy offering is still pretty solid and I would be happy with this meal on most airlines. I am booked on United a few more times this year so we will see if the food offering holds up or better if it improves.

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