Why So Many Airlines Serve Illy Coffee

illy airplane

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Illy is an Italian coffee company with a special interest in serving high quality espresso. The company is most famous for founding the first automatic coffee machine, which substituted compressed air for steam. The company was also the first to find a way to preserve coffee by packing it with pressurized nitrogen, to prevent oxidation.

The brand started in Italy but can be found throughout the world today in cafes, shopping malls, museums, and of course airports. The iconic red and white logo is a notable sign you are in for great quality coffee.

Given illy’s popularity of high quality espresso it’s no wonder it’s one of the most used by airlines. Here are the carriers you can find illy being served on

Singaporeillycaffe Monoarabica
United AirlinesIlly
Air FranceSegrafedo / Illy
VuelingIlly / Nescafe
Cathay PacificIlly

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Illy is by far the most popular choice of coffee when it comes to airlines. You can find single origin espresso being served on Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific First Class, and ANA just to name a few.

Given Illys dominance in the field on espresso in cafes we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. As airlines continue to improve their coffee service be on the lookout for more to start serving Illy.

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