Flight Review: Turkish Airlines A321 Economy from Nevsehir to Istanbul

Turkish Airlines A321

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There is usually not much a difference in short haul economy flights, especially like this one that was under 1.5 hours total.

I flew to Turkey in October on Turkish Airlines from Newark to Istanbul in business class and had a pretty good first time experience with the airline. This was now my third flight with Turkish after I flew from Istanbul to Kayseri to get to Cappadocia.

I arrived at the Nevsehir airport only about an hour before my flight but given how small it was that was plenty of time. The airport only had one main area and two gates from what I could tell, with the flagship Turkish Airlines being the only airline flying that day.

I didn’t expect much on this short haul flight but thought it would be comfortable non the less.

Turkish A321 Boarding

I made my way out the gate to the plane and loved the view of walking on the tarmac. This is common at small airports and provides you with an amazing view of the plane that you are about to board.

Turkish A321 Economy Seating

The flight was configured with just a few European style business class and a 3-3 economy cabin.

Turkish A321 Economy Seat

The seats were well padded and offered decent legroom on such a small plane.

Turkish A321 Economy Seats

It was also nice to see seat back entertainment as many flights no longer will have this on such short flights.

I found the selection to actually be pretty good with plenty of English movies and TV shows.

Turkish A321 Economy TV

Now came the surprising part, just like my flight here, they served a meal on board. This took me by surprise especially during COVID times where airlines have cut back significantly.

Turkish A321 Economy Food Wrapped

Now this was no gourmet meal or even hot but getting something to eat on such a short flight was a treat. The airport at Nevsehir had only 1 option that I decided to pass on so I welcomed a quick bite while on board.

Turkish A321 Economy Food

The sandwich was the same as my previous flight, a Kasar Cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato. The side dish was olives and veggies as well as an overall sweet juice.

Now the sandwich was nothing to brag about but I actually kind of liked it. Maybe its the salty cheese, or the sesame bread, or that I was just hungry but it seemed to hit the spot. The veggie side and juice I could pass on but the sandwich I finished completely.

Turkish A321 Economy Food

There is not much to say about such a short flight but its starting to make me like Turkish Airlines more and more. Food on an airline is a defining feature and Turkish knows that so next time you are on a short or long haul expect to get some sort of meal that will quickly satisfy you.

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