Review: Swiss 777 Business Class from Zurich to Dubai

Swiss 777 Business Class

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I found my self in Zurich on a short layover after a Swiss Airlines flight from New York to Zurich.

While I was planning to go onwards to Dubai, I originally bought this flight as an extended round trip originating in Istanbul to New York with a return to Dubai. I found a deal for $1,800 round trip business class that was too good to pass up.

I did consider bidding to upgrade to First Class on this flight but I decided against it even though Swiss Airlines makes it relatively easy.

I had a short layover but I still had time to check out the Swiss Lounge.

Swiss lounge viewing deck

One of the best features of the Swiss Lounge in Zurich is definitely the viewing deck. A great large space to get some fresh air and take in some of the best airplane views possible.

I only had a short 1 hour layover in the airport and by the time I got to the lounge it was only for 15 minutes. This was enough time for a quick espresso and then I was onwards to my final flight to Dubai.

Flight Experience

I boarded the 777 and decided to book the couple seats by the window since I was flying with my wife. The throne seats are definitely the best option on this aircraft but given I already sat there on the A330 I thought it would be interesting to try different seats.

Swiss 777 Business class seats

The boarding process was smooth and this was definitely a full flight. Lots of people throughout the business class cabin and I immediately noticed how much more modern it was compared to the A330.

This was definitely a newer plane and where you really notice it is the IFE.


The IFE on this plane was noticeable larger and much easier to control. The screen was more responsive and even though it had the same selection as the A330 it provided a much better experience.

Coat hangers

As we were ready to go I did something I don’t usually do on airplanes – hang my coat. I always wear a blazer when traveling through an airport simply for the fact that there are so many pockets it makes it very convenient. That and it won’t wrinkle if in my bag but its been my go to for flights for a few years now.

Pre departure drinks

As we sat we were served pre departure drinks and ready for a relaxing daytime flight to Dubai.

Headphones and seat

I really liked the design of Swiss even though some people think its a little bland. The use of wood really adds a nice touch to the cabin and I hope when they do consider a future design they can keep some elements of this.

Business class menu

Onto the menu, the meal served on this flight was lunch and I liked to see a vegetarian option as a default, even though I was going to go with the beef tenderloin. Its nice to see more airlines offering vegetarian options without a pre order and I do often select it as it’s sometimes the better option.

After takeoff, a bowl of nuts was served. I really think its makes a difference when the crew takes the time to warm them in advance, which they did here.


About 45 minutes into the flight the appetizer was served with a side of cheese that I believe would be dessert.

Pumpkin, apple, salad with hummus

The appetizer I went with was a pumpkin, apple, kale salad that was served with a beetroot hummus. While the dish tasted good it just felt a bit odd on this large plate.

Cheese selection

As mentioned the cheese was served with the appetizers and I got to pick at it while I waited for my main to arrive.

Bread roll

Swiss also served this bread roll that was also heated up and I filled a small bowl with olive oil for dipping.

Beef tenderloin main

Now onto the main course, a beef tenderloin served with potatoes and some sad looking veggies.

Upon first glass it didn’t look that great but that was until I cut it open.

Beef tenderloin main

The cook on this piece of beef was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever been served a beef tenderloin dish on an airplane that was this well made.

Beef tenderloin main

If you take a closer look you can see its a perfect medium rare to medium and to accomplish that on a reheat is impressive.

While most of the food I had on Swiss was decently good – this beef tenderloin is up there in some of the best I’ve had while flying. I really did consider adding Swiss to my list of airlines with the best food in the sky for this dish alone but the sad state veggies may be keeping them off the list.

Summary & Takeaways

This was a pretty uneventful daytime flight that offered a smooth experience from take off to landing. After the flight, I was questioning if I should’ve taken Swiss up on bidding for a first class upgrade since this experience was very similar to that on the A330.

I would fly Swiss again, especially given the rate I got this flight for $1,800 round trip. Zurich Airport was smooth for transferring and offer plenty of onward options in Europe and Asia.

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Anika Watsica
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