How To Unlock Suite Doors In Business Class

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Many airlines have been upgrading their business class experience to be suites – which basically just means they come with a door. These doors are often equipped in business class and while they don’t make a huge difference to privacy if you are laying flat it does add a nice feel.

Now when you are on the ground these doors are locked in place to ensure no one closes their door prior to take off.

Typically the FA will come around after meal service and unlock your suite door so that it can be closed.

However, in our experience they have forgotten many times and we wondered how do we do this ourselves.

We will give you a quick rundown on how to unlock these doors yourself for your next flight.

Locate the switch at waist height

To start you will need to get out of your seat and locate the switch that is at waist height. This is on your own pod door so it will be behind you and very close to entrance of the person sitting one row back.

The button is typically square and is what you will need to hit prior to unlocking the seat.

Locate the top two switches

Above the button at the top of the seat there will be two switches and they will be all the way back if they are locked. You will need to control both simultaneously and in our experience they move relatively easily.

Press lower button while moving top switches

Lastly, you’ll just want to hold the lower button while you move the top two switches into the unlock position. This will be marked by the red on the switches

This will allow you to control your door and move it back and forth throughout the flight.

Once the door is closed, it does add a fair bit of privacy. Now it’s not a fully height door so some people don’t feel like it makes a huge difference but in our opinion it really does. Especially if you are in bed mode the added privacy is a nice touch that makes you feel like you are in your own pod.

Don’t mess with other controls

There are a few other controls such as the emergency handle that you should obviously avoid using.

Also, if the door is not unlocking easily based on the instructions please do not force it and call a FA. Our above tip is meant for you to do if a FA forgets to unlock your door after take off and not meant for you to either disobey the FA or end up damaging the door.

Summary & Takeaways

We’re a huge fan of business class suites that are making their way on airlines like Delta, British Airways, Etihad, Qatar, and more. Having a door does add a bit more privacy and just an overall more luxurious feeling to business class.

If you are on a flight next time try out the door and see if it’s able to be unlocked. Make sure you wait till after takeoff since you can only use your door once you are cruising in the sky.

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