The Best Business Friendly Marriott Hotels In New York City

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Business travelers are a unique bunch that have for years been racking up endless nights at hotels and earning top tier elite status. When it comes to picking a hotel they have specific requirements that often make it different than what leisure travelers look for.

When we travel for business there are a few perks we always look out for. Good wifi, hotel bar, gym, and convenient location definitely top the list. Not to mention the hotel should be nice and comfortable enough that we enjoy going back there after a long day of work.

Business travelers also get the added perk of discounts when utilizing hotel corporate rates made available at Marriott properties but also Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG. All travelers need to do is insert their special rate when they search on Marriott’s website.

When we evaluate business friendly hotels we look for ones that make corporate rates available for companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, and more. More often than not if a hotel has rates negotiated with major companies it’s a reliable place to stay when traveling.

However, not all hotel property is created equally so we break down the best Marriott properties for business travelers in New York City.

The Best Old Money Luxury

Marriott has only three category 8 properties in New York and they all would fall into the old school luxury categories. What you can find in these hotels are an upscale crowd that enjoy a setting reminiscent of a different age. They tend to have great perks for travelers that want a bit more privacy but still enjoy their environment without many disruptions. However, if you are looking for a happening younger scene they can be a mixed bag.

The St Regis New York

The St Regis New York is a historic luxury hotel that opened back in 1904. The entire hotel was renovated in 2013 that restored its classical luxury feel in an updated environment. The hotel hosts a well known restaurant in Astor Court and the historic King Cole Bar to grab drinks. Both areas are designed with the same upscale feel as the hotel and are a great place to unwind after a day of work.

While rates for the St Regis are typically around $900 a night, we found this can be reduced by half via a corporate rate depending on which company you work for. Located in Midtown this will also be an easy area for you to commute to whether it be walking distance in the area or making your way downtown.

Check rates at The St Regis New York

The Ritz Carlton New York

The Ritz-Carlton is set alongside Central Park and provides a classical take on luxury in New York City. The hotel features an all-day gastro lounge Contour, a Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge, and a collection of wellness experiences including a spa and movement studio. While the hotel boasts a renovated and upscale interior we found it to be a bit quieter and would fit those that don’t want too many distractions when they return home daily.

The Ritz-Carlton also offers corporate rates to many travelers but we found the discounts to vary. Depending on the time of year you can score 40% off the nightly rate of $900 but on other times the discount would be barely noticeable. If you are traveling for business and eyeing the Ritz-Carlton we recommend booking early to grab your spot at this luxury hotel near the iconic park.

Check rates at The Ritz-Carlton New York

The Best Modern Luxury Hotels

Certain Marriott properties are just as luxurious as a Ritz or St Regis but have a newer more modern feel to them. That vibe is fully captured by The Edition hotels as well as certain Design Collections Marriott has become known for.

The good news for business travelers is these hotels tend to be great spots to stay when visiting New York as they have all the amenities you would want with the added perk of good restaurants and bars.

The New York Edition

The New York Edition is located near Madison Square Park in the Flatiron district of New York City. Known a bit less than mid town for business it’s actually one of the most convenient areas to get around with access to trains easily community you to midtown or downtown.

Check rates at The New York Edition

The Times Square Edition

The Time Square Edition is a recent opening and has quickly become one of the best places to stay in a rather bustling touristy area. While most business travelers may want to avoid Times Square the location is extremely convenient to all of mid town and the hotel offers a luxury escape from the busy streets.

Check rates at The Times Square Edition

11 Howard, A Member Of Design Hotels

While not exactly a business hotel we couldn’t help but include 11 Howard on the list of recommended places to stay in NYC. Located in the trendy Soho neighborhood, 11 Howard is the spot all your clients would want to come back to meet for drinks. Home to the bar The Blond, 11 Howard is very much a scene that is a great spot for people watching.

While the hotel does not offer a corporate rate for any company, it is a recent Marriott edition and a steal at around $350 a night. If you are looking for a lively atmosphere and a place to spend a great time after work then this is your spot.

Check rates at 11 Howard

The Best Mid Tier Hotels

When you are traveling and just need a clean but comfortable place to stay there are tons of mid tier options in New York. These hotels don’t have the best amenities but they are typically located in convenient areas and are usually priced a lot better for those on a budget.

The Westin New York Grand Central

The Westin could be considered luxury since it is often a great hotel to stay in most cities. With so much competition in New York we’ll call it mid tier but don’t let that make you over look it. Located directly by Grand Central station makes this hotel one of the most convenient to commute around the city. The hotel is famous for hosting many conferences and events so if you are planning to be in New York for one there is a good chance it’ll be hosted here anyway.

The Westin typically offers a favorable corporate rate for many companies that discounts the rate around 30%.

Check rates at The Westin New York Grand Central

Summary & Takeaways

It comes as no surprise the Marriott properties in NYC are some of the best you can find anywhere. If you are traveling for business there is no shortage of great hotels you can stay in that will make your time in the city much more enjoyable. Even better the amount of hotels that accept corporate codes provide a discounted rate that make these attainable on many corporate budgets.

If there is a hotel that you think is great for business travelers that we did not mention make sure to let us know in the comments.

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