How To Get Upgraded At The Peninsula Hotels


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Peninsula Hotels are a prestigious properties renowned for their opulent accommodations and world-class service. With a global presence spanning major cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, and Paris, the Peninsula brand is synonymous with sophistication and elegance.

If you’ve ever stayed in a Peninsula you’ll notice lavish rooms and suites, cutting-edge amenities, exquisite dining options, and a sense of personalized treatment by every staff member.

Peninsula Hotels has firmly established its place as an elite hotel brand, similar to The Four Seasons, and it has done so without a mainstream loyalty program like Marriott Bonvoy or Hilton Honors.

Loyalty programs are the number 1 way travelers have enjoyed being treated to upgrades and additional benefits. Whether you are looking to get upgraded at the St Regis, or upgraded at the Park Hyatt, loyalty programs have come a long way in ensuring frequent travelers keep coming back.

So how does the Peninsula manage so well without a loyalty program? Is there still a chance of getting upgraded?

We’ll break down exactly how you can increase your chances of getting upgraded at the Peninsula on your next stay.

Peninsula Loyalty Program (or lack there of)

As mentioned, The Peninsula does not have a traditional loyalty program. Meaning there is no status, points, or tiers you can qualify for to increase your benefits.


Peninsulas are in the ultra luxury category meaning they ensure travelers repeat business by delivering an over the top experience you can’t get elsewhere.

Not to mention the hotels carry an average price point can be north of $1,000 – they know their guests value a luxury experience over status and points.

However, all is not lost since they do find ways to value certain members.

How To Get Upgraded At Peninsula Hotels

While there is no traveler loyalty program, Peninsula does have a program available to invited travel agents that offers exclusive benefits. If you book through an agent, you will receive select benefits at any Peninsula location, all for the same rate as you will see directly on their website.

This is why we always recommend booking luxury hotels through a travel agent.

Booking through a Travel Agent you can typically expect based on availability:

  • Daily full breakfast for up to two persons
  • “Peninsula Time” – Flexible check-in and check-out time
  • Room upgrade to the next category upon arrival, subject to availability
  • Upgraded welcome in-room amenities
  • Complimentary long-distance calls via VOIP in hotels at Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Paris and Bangkok

We’ve booked through a partner many times and have almost always received a next level room upgrade. I also noticed we tended to get treated better at the property as the staff knew a few more details about us and our trip.

Need a travel agent? Submit a booking request with Travel Season and we will pair you with a certified concierge

Summary & Takeaways

Is that it? Just booking through a travel agent is the only way?

I could tell you to tell them its your birthday, anniversary, or celebrating something special. That may work but I wouldn’t count on it.

Many travelers are going to a Peninsula property for something special so booking with a certified agent, while not guaranteed, is your most likely chance of receiving a room upgrade.

If you don’t want to take the chance the rule is to always book the room you will be comfortable in. However, we all know there is nothing better than a surprise upgrade and booking through a travel agent will give you the best chance at success.

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