How To Unlock A Hotel Thermostat

Marriott Residence Inn London

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I spend many nights a year in hotels and have even done long term stays in properties like the Marriott Residence Inn.

After spending so much time in a hotel room you tend to notice things that you have some control over but not full control.

This is most common the case with hotel TVs that are typically set with limited functionality in hospitality mode. Luckily there is a way to unlock your hotel TV and get full control.

It made me think of what else can often be set in hospitality mode and I immediately discovered a hack to the thermostat that has been making its rounds on the internet.

Often time hotels give temperature control to guests but there is a setting on the thermostat that limits just how hot or cold you can set a room. If your room has this common thermostat then you are in luck and it’s pretty easy to unlock it.

Important Note: Please be careful! The last thing you want to do is mess up your temperature control and get a surprise charge from your hotel. If you are worried about not being able to do it then I would advice against trying.

Unlock Honeywell Thermostats

  • First, hold down the thermostat’s “display” button, then press the “off” button simultaneously.
  • Keep holding the display button down, but release the off button and press the up arrow.
  • Once you release all of the buttons, you’ll have free rein of the temperature controls.

Honeywell systems are typically found in chain hotels like Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn. While the newer systems tend to block this hack most of the older ones work very easily.

Unlock Other Hotel Thermostats

What if your room doesn’t have a Honeywell system and you still want to unlock it? Here are some general tips on how you can navigate around a system.

  • Look for a hidden panel or lock on the thermostat that may be used to access the hospitality settings. In some cases, this panel may be located behind the thermostat itself, or it may be located in a nearby electrical panel.
  • Try entering a default code or password for the hospitality settings. Some hotel thermostats may have a default code that can be used to access the hospitality settings. Common codes include “0000” or “1234.” If you do not know the default code, check with the hotel’s front desk or maintenance department.
  • Use a master remote or device to unlock the hospitality settings. Some hotel thermostats may be programmed to only accept commands from a master remote or device, which is typically kept by hotel staff. If you are unable to unlock the thermostat, contact the hotel’s staff to see if they can provide a master remote or assist you in accessing the hospitality settings.

Summary & Takeaways

Hotels put limits on certain systems like air conditioning and televisions for a reason. It protects the hotel and prevents the guest from causing any sort of damage.

However, sometimes these limits are a bit frustrating and often times are over the top. If you are staying a hotel, especially for an extended period, you want to find a way around some of these limitations.

If you know of additional thermostat hacks that work let us know!

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