How To Share AMEX Membership Rewards With Another Person

AMEX Membership Rewards

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AMEX Membership Rewards are some of the most valuable points you can redeem for travel.

Unlike partners such as Chase, Capital One, and Citi, that make it very simple to transfer rewards to another person, AMEX is a little different. You cannot easily “share” membership rewards with your spouse like you can through other programs but there is still a way.

There are two important things to note:

  1. The authorized user must have been on the account for 90 days.
  2. The authorized user cannot only be an authorized user on a blue card on your account.

This means that even if you have a platinum card, and your points look like they apply across all of your cards, if someone is only an authorized user on a blue card on your account, they will NOT be an option to transfer.

How To Transfer AMEX Rewards

Here is how you can actually go about doing the transfer.

  1. Log into Amex, and navigate to the MR page.
  2. Select “Transfer points.”
  3. Select your airline to transfer to.
  4. You should see a box that says “select a card holder to link” with selectable options.

If it only shows your name, that is likely because you either haven’t had an AU on for the 90 day minimum or your authorized user is on a no-transfer card.

AMEX Airline Transfer Partners

American Express has a number of airline partners that makes it’s rewards so valuable. See the table below for the transfer ratio and how long it’ll take to receive your points.

Airline Transfer PartnerTransfer RatioTransfer Time
AeroMexico1:1.62-12 days
Air Canada1:1Almost Instant
Alitalia1:1Almost Instant
Aer Lingus1:1Almost Instant
ANA1:13 days
Avianca LifeMiles1:1Almost instant
British Airways1:1Almost Instant
Cathay Pacific1:1Up to 1 Week
Delta Air Lines1:1Almost Instant
Emirates1:1Almost Instant
Etihad Airways1:1Almost Instant
Flying Blue Air France/KLM1:1Almost Instant
Hawaiian1:1Almost Instant
Iberia1:11-3 days
JetBlue1:.8Almost Instant
Qantas1:1Almost Instant
Singapore Airlines1:11-2 days
Virgin Atlantic1:11-2 days

AMEX Hotel Transfer Partners

American Express also transfers to hotels if you are looking to redeem your rewards for a room. See the table below the programs available and how long it takes to transfer.

Hotel Transfer PartnerTransfer RatioTransfer Time
Choice Privileges1:1Almost Instant
Hilton Honors1:1Almost Instant
Marriott Bonvoy1:1Almost Instant

Earn AMEX Membership Rewards

The good news is there are a lot of options to earn AMEX membership rewards with points for every dollar spent. To find out the latest Credit Card offers see the link below.

The latest and best credit card offers for travelers

Summary & Takeaways

When you combine AMEX points you can more easily make a booking that may require miles you have split into two accounts. From what we know the above process is the only way to transfer rewards to another user. If you have trouble make sure you meet the requirements and try again.

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