How To Get Better Customer Service From Turkish Airlines

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Turkish Airlines has been one of my go to airlines for the past few years. They offer incredible award prices on flights such as New York to Istanbul, and although there are some frustrations like setting a password and buying more than one ticket, I have still chosen them time and time again.

In fact their award rates are so affordable amongst Star Alliance carriers we deemed them the one program every award traveler should be using.

One of the key things I’ve noticed after countless calls to Turkish customer service is there are multiple tiers to getting help from the airline. We will break down the best way to get service incase you need to call the airlines.

Turkish Customer Service Center

If you want to get in touch with Turkish Airlines the place you will start is the Turkish Custom Service Center. This is available 24/7 and can be reached at 1 (800) 874-8875.

In our experience the agent you receive will have a huge difference in the type of service you get. Some agents are extremely helpful while others won’t be able to understand a word you are saying. We’ve even had multiple instances of Turkish customer service employees hanging up on us mid way through helping, leading us to call back and start all over again.

Often times when we call customer service we are greeted with a message that the line is busy and to try again later. A tip we’ve found to work is to keep calling back to back and eventually you will get through. We’ve done this up to 8 times but always got through after repeatedly calling.

However, there are ways to get even better help from Turkish and we will describe the process.

Turkish Airlines Feedback Form

Turkish Airlines has an online feedback system located on there website at

The form allows you to describe an issue you are having with Turkish Airlines for a team to review and provide a solution. There are multiple options to choose from so find the most relevant to you.

After you complete a form entry you will be provided with a 7 digit feedback number for reference.

Now Turkish Airlines commits to getting back to you within a few days, sometimes a matter is urgent and you don’t want to wait. Here is how you can expedite the process and get in touch with a more helpful agent.

Turkish Airlines Customer Relations

Turkish Airlines Customer Relations are much more powerful than the Customer Service agents and they are the ones that respond to the feedback forms you can submit online. They have access to do virtually anything when the Customer Service agents will often mention they are limited in things they can provide you.

Now the way to get your issues resolved is by talking to a Customer Relations Representative instead of Customer Service.

In order to do this you must fill out the feedback form above and call the usual Customer Service Center at 1 (800) 874-8875.

Once you get an agent, tell them you have a feedback form you would like to discuss and they will request the reference number. After providing it to them they will transfer you to the Customer Relations department and to an agent that will be far more helpful.

In our experience there is no other way to get the Customer Relations department on the phone without filling out a feedback form. A Customer Service agent will not transfer you unless you have already filled out the form and have a number. We’ve even filled one out while speaking with an agent and then they were happy to transfer us.

Summary & Takeaways

It’s never a fun process to need to call an airline since most often it is to deal with an issue you are having. Hopefully the process outlined above will help you find a useful agent at Turkish Airlines to get your issue resolved quickly and to your desired outcome.

Let us know in the comments if you have success in using this process.

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