Instagram Foodies You Need To Be Following In NYC

instagram foodies nyc

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If there’s one thing New York City has, it’s food – and lots of it. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a Halal Stand, a Poke Shop, or the delicious sweets at the iconic Magnolia Bakery, nobody is leaving hungry anytime soon in the Big Apple.

If you are planning a visit to the city, we’ve already collected a list of the must eat items in New York City and where to grab them.

With such an impressive food culture, NYC is also home to some of the best Instagram foodies accounts on the internet.

Nobody chronicles the tastes and flavors of the city better than the top Instagram food influencers. They snap mouth watering pictures on their accounts that will make you drop everything and rush to the nearest ramen shop, pizza place or whatever you’re craving to get your fix.

Whether you are planning a trip to the city or just looking for some mouth watering food porn, here are the top accounts that are a must follow:


Born and raised in The Big Apple, JeaniusEats knows her way around the New York city food scene like a seasoned veteran.

Pro tip: Don’t scroll down her feed if you’re scrolling through instagram before bedtime. You will be left starving and debating whether to sprint out to the nearest restaurant.


Josh Birns, aka, the artist known as YULO, aka You Uni Live Once, has taken the NYC sushi game by storm. Known for his close up, high definition pictures of Nigiri and Uni, YULO is a must follow for not just NYC, but sushi fans everywhere. This instagram foodies account is one that will leave you hungry for more.


When creating an Instagram account, it all starts with a catchy name. Carly Lipkin, or TalkFoodietoMe_, has made her mark in the NYC food scene. Whether it’s #NationalDonutDay or #NationalFrenchFry day (Yes, apparently these are real things), Carly has you covered. Scroll down her food and you won’t be disappointed with the diverse assortment of delectable foods and a wide pallet of eye catching colors.


“Tag a friend who loves cupcakes!”

Do I have your attention? Seriously, are you not going to tag that girl you’re trying to hook up with in that God-like cupcake with white cake and white icing?

Known for her “tag a friend” captions, DianaEats does not mess around when it comes to being a serious foodie. Between the angles and placement of her pictures, not to mention the crystal clear quality, you don’t want to miss out on this page.


Ever wish you had an Alex Hitchins in your life? You know, the same Alex Hitchins who got Albert Brennaman the love of his life, Allegra Cole. Look no further than @nycdatenite, an Instagram guide to first dates, rooftop bars, brunch spots and much more.

Looking for more in New York City? Checkout where to get the best slice a pizza in the city.

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