Does Hawaii Require A Passport?

passport for hawaii

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Hawaii, once an independent country, has been a US state since 1959. It is the only state comprised entirely of islands and the only state in the tropics. Hawaii is also well served by a number of airlines that offer non stop service to many of the islands.

However, most people still wonder. Does Hawaii require a passport to travel to?

The answer is simple. If you’re traveling directly to Hawaii from any other US state, you do not need a passport.

Whether you are a US citizen, permanent resident, or have any other visa, you simply don’t need a passport when traveling within the United States. The only document you would need is some sort of official identification that contains a photo of you, like a driver’s license. However, if Hawaii is your first point of entry into the United States then you will need a passport.

While you do not need a specific Visa for Hawaii within 90 days for sightseeing, short term business, or transit, but if you are traveling from abroad you will still need an ESTA. For more information on ESTA’s visit the US DHS Official Website.

Hawaii is known for its breathtaking landscape, picturesque beaches, and relaxing resorts. One of the wealthier states in the US a vacation to Hawaii does not come cheap. The entire state of Hawaii is comprised of a number of islands, each with their own appeal.

If you are planning to visit Hawaii, you should consider the following islands:

  • Hawaii called the Big Island – is the biggest of the islands and home to Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, coffee and macadamia nut plantations, working ranches, and even green sand beaches which is very good for swimming.
  • Oahu, nicknamed “the Gathering Place,” is the most famous and developed island. Its southern shore is home to the city of Honolulu, the state capital and largest city; four out of every five Hawaiin residents call it home.
  • Maui is the second biggest island in the chain and is home to the 10,023 foot tall volcanic mountain crater of Haleakala. It is nicknamed “the Valley Isle” for the narrow plain between Haleakala and the West Maui mountains.
  • Kauai, the “Garden Isle,” is home to several natural wonders, such as the Wailua River, Waimea Canyon, and the Na Pali Coast. Mount Waialeale is known as one of the rainiest spots in the world but a great travel destination regardless.

Hawaii is one of the most destined places in the US and knowing that it’s just as easy to travel to as any other state really increases its appeal. If you have been deciding on a trip to Hawaii you won’t regret it and will be shocked that one of the most beautiful places on earth is right here in the US.

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