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Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do while you travel. Whether you are traveling to Rome, Paris, or any of the best airlines, if you are getting on an airplane it’s not easy to always remember to drink water.

A good travel water bottle is necessary for eco-friendly hydration on the go. The travel water bottle you choose must be safe, made with long-lasting and non-hazardous materials, and should not contain BPA, a hormone-effecting chemical.

Finding a good travel water bottle in the market is somewhat challenging because there are many brands that claim that they manufacture the best travel water bottles. The only way to find the best travel water bottle for you is through research in the market, but it is time-consuming.

So, what do you have to do to find the best water bottle for you? Well, nothing challenging! Just don’t stop reading this article as we are going to enlist some of the best travel water bottles in the market. 

Nalgene BPA-Free Water Bottle

It is a 32-ounce classic travel water bottle that is made of 100% BPA-Free Plastic material. Another best thing about Nalgene BPA – Free Water Bottle is that it has a wide-mouth design that makes it refilling and cleaning very easy. This best travel water bottle has an attached loop-top that makes it very easy to carry and handle during traveling. It also ensures that you don’t lose the cap while traveling, particularly running.

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HydroFlask Wide Mouth Water Bottle 

It is another 32-ounce travel water bottle that is made of durable stainless steel materials. The cap of HydroFlask Wide Mouth Water Bottle is made with BPA-Free Plastic materials, and guess what! It has a built-in straw through which you can drink water without any wastage. HydroFlask Wide Mouth Water Bottle has a double-wall, vacuum-insulated design due to which it can keep the hot drinks hot for 12 hours while the cold drinks cold for at least 24 hours. Therefore, it is a remarkable travel water bottle that can keep you hydrated all the time. HydroFlask Wide Mouth Bottle has a convenient handle that makes it easy to carry. What else do you want! It is available in seven different colors. 

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Brita Filtering Water Bottle

Although its size is a little bit small (20-ounce) than the water bottles mentioned above, it is a safe and durable travel water bottle made with stainless-steel material. The feature of Brita Filtering Water Bottle is that it comes with a built-in water filter that ensures you are drinking the freshest and cleanest water all the time. The filter is not only removable but replaceable as well. One filter works for at least two months, after which you can replace it with a new one to keep drinking clean and fresh water. It has a leak-proof lid with a convenient handle to carry it wherever you want. It can keep the water cold for at least 24 hours. The lid is made of BPA-Free plastic materials. Brita Filtering Water Bottle is available in 13 different colors. 

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Yeti Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

With 26 Ounce water capacity, this new travel water bottle is made of entirely stainless steel material. Featuring a double-walled vacuum-insulated design, Yeti Stainless-Steel Water Bottle is the best pick for travelers, particularly campers. It is also BPA-Free, due to which it is the first choice for nature enthusiasts. Yeti Stainless-Steel Water Bottle comes with a built-in three-finger grip that makes it easy to carry. It is available in 12 different colors. 

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Senator Collapsible Water Bottle

It is an ideal water bottle for travelers due to its collapsible silicone design. Senator Collapsible Water Bottle is made with flexible, food-grade, BPA-Free silicone material. It is equipped with a leak-proof, easy to open button that reduces the wastage of water during drinking. Senator Collapsible Water Bottle comes with a stainless-steel carabiner that allows you to attach it with your belt buckle or bag. It is an easy to wash and freezer-safe water bottle that keeps the water cold for at least 26 hours. 

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Investing in a good quality travel water bottle will pay itself back in no time. You will be more hydrated, healthy, and safe money on not needing to buy a water bottle especially in airports. An added plus is you will also be saving the earth by not wasting unnecessary plastic.

Do you know of a better water bottle we didn’t cover? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

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