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If 2020 taught us anything it’s that remote work is effective and many companies have embraced supporting this model. This has led to a huge influx in remote positions, giving people the freedom to choose wherever they work from in the world.

Before you set off on packing for a travel adventure, consider covering one thing unless you are using your savings. Getting a job.

While there has been an influx of remote positions opening, there are certain websites that filter to just remote working. If you are looking for a new job and remote working is a requirement, here is where we recommend you start.

The Best Remote Job Search Sites

Linkedin is an unbeatable resource for all things work related but in the new reality of remote work there are sites dedicated to finding just that. We recommend the following sites to be included as part of your search.

Remote | OK is a Product Hunt style job board that is easily searchable, listing all remote positions in list form. The website is sorted by recency and is a great way to be an early applicant for many roles. While many of the roles are tech based you can use their infinite scroll to browse thousands of jobs posted on a regular basis.

We Work Remotely is one of the largest remote work community in the world. With over 3M visitors, WWR is the number one destination to find and list incredible remote jobs. Top companies pay to list on this community making the quality of jobs high and sought after.

SkipTheDrive is based around allowing workers to avoid anything that involves a commute and better yet its free to use! The company has been around since 2012 and has thousands of listings updated regularly.

FlexJobs allows you to browse through tons of real, high-paying, quality jobs that are worthy of an actual career working from home. The downside of FlexJobs is it charges a monthly membership fee but given the quality of jobs we’ve seen on here it can be worth it.

The following sites are not as highly recommended but we still think they can be worth checking out.

Indeed is the traditional job search board that mainly focuses on non-telecommuting positions. However, in “location” if you enter “remote” when searching, you’ll see jobs that you can work remotely!

Working Nomads is a clean, simple job board hosts openings that are specifically tailored to those wanting to travel and work. If you are living the digital nomad lifestyle and hoping to earn a good income, this site is worth checking out.

JustRemote is like WeWorkRemotely, but has a tech industry focus that is a bit restrictive. If that’s your field though, you may find some good jobs here!

Angel.co is where tech companies and startups hire here. Only a portion of the jobs are labeled remote-friendly, but they are easy to find using the powerful search tools.

Remote Career Options

While not all industries are transferable to remote work, depending on your skills and training, you may be able to stay in your same career and find remote work. If your current job history doesn’t have a remote equivalent, some of the below industries are easy to enter and find work!

If you’re new to working remotely, you will be surprised how many different industries and skill sets are now in demand for remote work. If you have a background or interest in any of the below fields, you can find companies willing to hire you to do remote work.

Use your experience and training first As with any job search, you’ll do best if you have experience in the industry. Start your search with your own job history and network to see whether a remote position exists — you’ll often find they do! If you’re looking for a fresh start, the industries below are some of the biggest employers in the remote-work world.

Healthcare and Medical have a lot of remote jobs available today and could be a good choice if that is your background. Insurance coding, billing, nursing, and more are some examples

Customer Service is a great option for entry level positions with room for growth! Lend your people skills over the phone or computer to provide customer service for one of the many companies hiring remote customer service specialist.

Educational / Training is a hot field especially if you enjoy teaching people new things. In this field you can work in a virtual classroom or doing remote presentations. In addition, good writers will find lots of work creating content and guides. It’s a plus but not always required to have a background in teaching.

Tech Jobs should come as no surprise topping the charts with positions that naturally lend themselves to telecommuting. Tech companies are often looking for coders, IT professionals, developers, and designers. If you have a degree Information Technology or have learned on your own, you could start working remotely as a systems administrator or data scientists.

Sales is transferable to most environments and if see yourself making sales calls from home, this is a possible industry for you. Experience is often preferred but not required. Some remote sales jobs require limited or frequent travel (locally or covering a larger market).

Finance offers both entry level and experienced CPA’s alike can find jobs working remotely in finance. Most entry level jobs still require proficiency with Excel or other bookkeeping software.

Data Entry, Transcribing, Translating, etc. provide plenty of true entry-level positions in these areas for those looking for remote work who do not otherwise have a strong preference for the industry in which they work.

There is no shortage of industries or positions available for remote work these days. What really matters the most is what will you be good at and what will you be satisfied doing. Don’t just rely on past skills but look at this as an opportunity to develop new ones as well.

The best place to succeed in remote work is to get started on honing in skills that are transferable to the environment and develop from there.

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