A Guide To University Corporate Codes and Discounts

university corporate codes

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Colleges and universities around the country employee a huge number of people. This ranges from administrative staff, research, facilities, to even students that are employed to help in certain areas.

It’s also not surprising that universities negotiate their own corporate hotel rate primarily in the cities they are located in or travel to often. If you work for a university, especially a large one, it’s likely they have a discounted rate at major hotels.

What Is Included With A Corporate Rate?

A corporate rate is not always just a discount in room price, they often come with additional perks. In our experience the most common additional benefits include free wifi, breakfast, and at times more flexible checkout.

Each property varies in what they offer business travelers so make sure you read the details before booking.

Who Is Eligible To Use Corporate Rates?

This will vary by company but it’s not uncommon for full time employees, contract workers, consultants, or those affiliate with an organization to use a corporate rate. If you work for an organization on the list but are not aware if you are eligible seek out advice internally.

Often times if you are affiliated with an organization to obtain identification associating yourself with it that is usually enough for a hotel group to consider you eligible.

What Universities Offer Corporate Rates?

A number of different universities offer a corporate rate and typically the more university employees travel. This includes universities such as Harvard, MIT, Rutgers, and many more. If you work at a large university it’s likely they have negotiated a rate.

See the table below of university corporate codes and if eligible you can use them to book hotels. If it is not included in the list reach out to your internal human resources team to find your discount code.

University Corporate Codes for Hotels

Many different universities partners with major hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt to provide discounted rates when employees are traveling for work. The following codes allow you to search and access current rates across their variety of properties.

If you are not employed by a university but work for a major company see our full like of hotel corporate codes.

At the request of our partners, we have removed corporate codes from this page. If your company has an eligible corporate rate you can still follow our guide on how to use them with various hotel partners.

How To Book

The booking process varies by property and you can click Search Rates in the table above to be linked directly.

If you want more information about the booking process or are affiliated with another organization look at the resources below

What Hotel Programs Offer Corporate Rates?

Almost all major hotel groups offer a corporate discount. However, this rate varies widely as each company needs to negotiate with individual hotels rather than the group as a whole.

If you are looking for guides to each you can see the below:

Are Corporate Codes Always The Best Rate?

While corporate codes offer steep discounts they may not always be the best rate available. Make sure you compare your corporate rate with the standard nightly rate to double check you are getting a better deal.

There are also rates that are more premium than corporate codes if you happen to know employees at a hotel group. We will show you how in the guides below:

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