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London is the capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom, as well as the largest city in Western Europe. It is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and history making it one of the most traveled to destinations in the world.

London is also home to the most profitable airline route in the world between itself and New York City. This is great news for travelers as this route has some of the most competition out of any out there.

If you are planning to fly into London we’ll show you the best way to travel.

Airports Near London

Due to London’s huge global city status, it is the most served destination in the world when it comes to flights. London is served by a total of six airports spread all throughout the city as well as a bit outside the city.

AirportTaxi To CenterEst Taxi Price
Heathrow Airport (CDG)40 min£55
London Gatwick (LGW)1 hour£35
London Stansted (STN)1.5 hours£130
London Luton (LTN)1 hour£80
London City Airport (LCY)30 min£70
London Southend (SEN)50 min£105

If you are traveling from the US it is likely you will fly into Heathrow but many flights now land in Gatwick and Luton. Heathrow is Europe’s largest airport and the world’s second-busiest international airport in terms of international passenger movement, with services available from most major airports world-wide.

If you are traveling to any of London Airports, cab prices are not the cheapest so you may opt for the train or bus service. Due to high levels of traffic the Heathrow Express will get you into the city center in 20 minutes while a cab could take 40 minutes + at rush hour.

Airlines Flying To London

All the major US airlines offer a nonstop flight to London including Delta, United, American, Jetblue, British, and Virgin Atlantic. The city also has a number of lower cost airlines offering one stop service including TAP Portugal, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss, and more.

Not only do so many airlines offer nonstop service but they do so across a variety of aircrafts depending on the time of day. We’ll focus on just nonstop service as that is the most convenient and coveted way to travel from the US.

The airlines provide nonstop service to over 15 US cities catering to both business and leisure travelers. With this many options there are certainly differences amongst the airlines and aircrafts that we break down below.

If you do not live near one of these airports it’s likely you will connect in one of these cities before making your trip across the pond.

Airfare to London

Ticket prices to London can vary depending on season but you can expect to pay between $300 – $600 roundtrip in the off season and $700 – $1,000 during peak season. There is also a big difference where you are departing from with flights to London from most major cities in the US. We like using Skyscanner to find the best deal and their compare page makes it easy.

Here is a breakdown of average round trip prices by month.

Skyscanner London Flights by Month

There is also a tool that can run a compare of various cities if you have set dates or months in mind. All you need to do is enter a timeframe for departure and Skyscanner does the rest.

Skyscanner Cheapest Flights to London

You can find all Skyscanner tools on this page here and utilize this info to find the best flight deal.

Best First Class

It feels like barely any airlines offer First Class anymore but on this route there are still two carriers that are going strong. Both British Airways and American Airlines still offer first class to cross the pond and while its nothing groundbreaking it is a slight leg up from business class.

1. British Airways First Class Boeing 787-9

First class is not as common these days but British Airways first class on the 787-9 is easily the best way to fly between the US and London. Onboard you can expect a spacious and private suite as well as top notch food and of course great champagne. Another benefit is dedicated check in areas as well as access to the iconic Concorde Room if you are departing from London.

2. American Airlines Flagship First Boeing 777

American Airlines is the only US airline to still run a true first class cabin between London and New York. Featured on their 777, you can expect spacious couch like seating with top notch food. Although the American Airlines first class is starting to get a bit dated, its still one of the most comfortable seats and certainly an upgrade over other US airlines business class.

Best Business Class

Not all business class are made equal so if you are willing to pay a premium for comfort (or shell out some points) we’ll tell you what option would be best. Given the premium that comes with first class, business class cabins on this route all offer a full bed and will let you arrive fresh for your upcoming arrival into London.

1. British Airways Boeing 787-9

BA Suite
British Airways 787-9 Business Club World

Once again, British Airways takes the lead as the best business class on this route. British Airways Club World was recently updated with business class suites that offer an added level of privacy over the old business class. Layout is a 1-2-1 and the seat features a privacy screen for those traveling in the middle. We flew this route recently, while we had a little trouble unlocking the suite door, it was a very comfortable way to fly into London.

2. Virgin Atlantic A350

Since Virgin Atlantic launched their A350 service they quickly improved to one of the best business class seats and cabins to London. The plane features suite seats in a 1-2-1 configuration in the classic modern Virgin style. The biggest stand out factor is the bar and couch seating they offer, something typically only seen on an A380. Given the added space to relax and grab a drink on your flight, you certainly will not be bored on a Virgin A350.

3. Delta Airlines A330

Even with so much competition on this route we still feel the signature new Delta One Suites is one of the best business class to fly. You’ll want to make sure your flight has the redesigned cabin since it’s a huge upgrade to the old A330 design we flew from Paris to New York in 2019. In our opinion these seats are unmatched against any US airlines business class (even United Polaris) and if you can snag a seat on this route you won’t regret it. From the amount of space you get, to the food, to even a personal door the privacy on a Delta flight is the best you can get in business class to London. Note, points redemptions don’t come cheap on this route so the only downside is finding a reasonably priced ticket.

4. United Airlines 787-10

United Polaris Business Class is one of the most comfortable and private seats to fly across the Atlantic. We’ve flown it multiple times from Newark to Frankfurt and indulged in the amazing Polaris lounge prior to takeoff. United fly the largest aircraft on this route too, which is the 787-10 nonstop to London. The cabin is in a 1-2-1 layout with each seat having aisle access and enough privacy. We would easily say this is one of the better business class product from the US to London.

5. Jetblue Mint A321R

Jetblue Mint is the new comer on the scene and only recently launched flights to London in the past few years. They have done so in a big way offering arguably the most spacious business class in the Mint Studio. While many airlines are offering business class seats with doors, Jetblue is offering a true suite you can step into. Also given Jetblue consistently ranks highly for service and food, this is an incredible new offering to fly into London.

Flights to London are some of the most competitive amongst airlines and therefore there are plenty of options for travelers. We think you can’t go wrong with any of the airlines and should consider what fits your schedule best.

Best Economy Class

There usually isn’t a major difference in economy class hard product but there may be items some airlines do better than others. We especially like those offering comfortable seats and reasonable food to make us pick one over the other.

1. Delta Premium Economy

We have to give it to Delta again flying their new premium economy seats on a nonstop flight to London. While the unfortunate news is these seats are not cheap and do not offer complimentary upgrades from main cabin, they are still the most comfortable way to fly outside of business. You can expect a more spacious seat with a partial recline and an elevated food offering from Economy.

2. United 767 Premium Economy

United also started offering Premium Economy on many of their long haul aircraft and is very similar to Delta’s. The good about United is they make it much easier to upgrade into with either points, cash, or plus points. If you are booked in Economy you can expect to pay about 20,000 points to upgrade to this seat or 20 plus points. In our mind its worth it especially for a red eye to get a more comfortable seat to cross the pond.

3. United 767 Economy

United Economy Cabin
United 767Economy Cabin

United is a standout with the plane flying to London looking to have the most comfortable economy class. The layout is a 2-3-2 while most others offer a 2-4-2 layout. Again this won’t make a major difference, especially if you are able to snag one of the 2 seat sections on any of the other airlines. We’ve taken this flight many times including from London to Chicago. However, on a full flight you will definitely notice a roomier cabin even if the plane is a bit smaller compared to an American 787.

Award Flights To London

Airline miles and credit card points are some of the best way to get a cheap if not entirely free ticket to London. If you are unfamiliar with this process read our guide on credit card points and miles.

The fastest way to get airline miles and also the biggest benefit to credit card points is the ability to transfer them to airline partners. If you are looking to increase your balance for a flight to London see the latest offers in our guide to the best credit cards for every traveler.

There are multiple airline partners that fly to London but not all are created equal. You’ll want to keep in mind many airline programs charge different taxes / fees, especially to the UK. If you are planning a trip you will want to consider booking through:

  • British Airways Avios: Booking options on British Airways and American Airlines. Points can be transferred from Chase, American Express, and Capital One.
  • Virgin Atlantic: Booking options on Virgin Atlantic and Delta. Points can be transferred from Chase, American Express, Citi, and Capital One.
  • Air Canada Aeroplan: Booking options on United. Points can be transferred from Chase, American Express, and Capital One.
  • United Airlines MileagePlus: Booking options on United. Points can be transferred from Chase.
  • Delta Airlines Skymiles: Booking options on Delta and Virgin Atlantic. Points can be transferred from American Express.

While there may be other programs that offer points bookings to London, the above programs are who we recommend for the best availability and price.

Summary & Takeaways

With many different airlines offering service to London this is great news for consumers. In our opinion, British Airways clearly leads the way but don’t sleep on Virgin Atlantic and Jetblue as unique outstanding offerings. From the major carriers you can expect some of their best planes and you really can’t go wrong with any airline you choose, especially if you are picking a premium cabin.

Keep in mind many airlines are trying to find other ways to separate themselves like lounge access and investment in better food. If you have flexibility on this route we recommend going with an airline that suites your travel needs and letting us know what you think is best in the comments

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